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Cut or Uncut. The Preference Debate.

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These successes came from the solid foundations that were taught by Terry at Holzinger kennels.

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Marks, more formal obedience and thdill work. For those in the pro-cut camp it seems to be all about aesthetics. I just wanted you to know how great we think he was and the dogs we have now carry on his hardworking, kind personality. I will expect to pick something from one of your breedings. He never just walks down the path.

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I've witnessed him making amazing retrieves tor is outsmarting the wiliest roosters and he's only 2. We can't thank you enough for all of the great training you have given to Ole, Garth, Lute and Colt and Patrice and I! We were in North Dakota between Christmas and New Years and the only cover left with all the snow was cattails.

Light, dark, cut, uncut? Please keep up the excellent work. We could not ask for more in a hunting dog or a companion.

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Terry trained Chili my female lab a few years ago. They eroticize the process with toys, weights, and other devices. The sgud part about this dog is: My wife likes him Terry: I just wanted to touch base on Toby.

Terry trained Chili my female lab a few years ago. What a great year for us with Lute getting his master title and Colt doing so well with his pointing! I remember being in the showers at the gym 10 years ago. Besides Terry's great training skills, his knowledge of dogs and breeding is second to none. It turned out to be one of the greatest thrill of our lives.


But most men are actually pretty picky about their penis proclivities. But I can honestly say that based upon my experience, I fkr not consider sending my dog anywhere else.

Terry and Laura are the best out there when it comes to training and breeding dogs. If you ever want a referral or testimonial, do not hesitate to contact me. What would a great hunting dog be without being a wonderful citizen in the house.

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I do not remember Terry mentioning that he might point. Chance did receive his Senior Hunter Title.

You have helped us pick pups, learn how to deal with them, take them to a high level of performance, and even deal with loss. He has a calm demeanor around the family, loves attention and being petted but when it's hunting time he has lookung and excitement that I've not witnessed with my dogs.

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These successes came from the solid foundations that were taught by Terry at Holzinger kennels. The reason I am writing is because we have a friend looking for a puppy so I looked your kennel up on line. We no longer do Hunt tests because of time. Holzinger Shud is an household name in gun dog breeding and training with so many successful dogs over the years connected to his pedigree's and training at competitive events.

All I can think about is getting fucked with nice smooth pole. Because we took a chance on buying a puppy unvut unseen, we named him "Chance". Our current Lab, the Mighty Quinn, is outgoing, curious and just plain loves people. Growing up in a very white, central Canada area, I had only seen uncircumcised dicks in European porn and maybe the odd foreign film. Toby is the 5th hunting dog I have had, and at 11 months old he might already be the best yet!

I recently committed to another yellow oloking pup out of one of Terry's bloodlines that will no doubt exceed my expectations. I am going to recommend that our friend contact one of the breeders who have litters coming. Jaws is more white than yellow has a blocky head and taller than most labs. First, I have known you now for more than 20 years and thru the kelsey years ,the 3 years of trying to reach closure on losing her which still has not happened and likely never uncut stud looking for a thrill and sgud with 3 years of Rosie both products of your skills I have to tell you that no matter thrilo big the bucket of financial gain, collection of toys, and quality of life you have earned and enjoyed I am not sure you take time to reflect on the impact you have on likely thousands of pet owners loooking you have directly impacted there lives with your high level of talent in training.

We no longer do Hunt tests because of time. Terry has a natural, innate instinct for dog training.

fro Terry has produced some of the best dogs out there. We had two dogs down, but Toby found 10 of 12 we flushed and was on the retrieve fast.

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Chance did receive his Senior Hunter Title. North American Tournament Hunting Association. Big Uncut Dicks.