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Next lecture Introduction Why should we present the modern history of the Balkans as "the age of nationalism? In the Balkans were divided between two dynastic empires -- a century later we find independent states built on the national principle: Serbia, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Montenegro, followed shortly by Albania and Hungary. I want to look at the so-called "national revolutions" of the nineteenth century beginning with Serbia and Greece. Is it accurate to say that these societies changed to an extent that was "revolutionary? To answer these questions, we can look at the impact of nationalism during three periods associated with the events that took place in Serbia and Greece: 1 developments before the unrest, 2 events during the "revolutionary" period itself, and 3 changes in the early years of the new independent states. Serbia: Pre-conditions We have already heard about weakness in the Ottoman and Habsburg systems.

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In a strong Ottoman army invaded Serbia.

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Wider Russian interests led to the restoration of peace with Turkey whenever war ,ooking France became a danger. Other Serbian thinkers found strengths in the Serbian community itself. All Muslims left the country except a token garrison.

Serbian society was rural and existed in the countryside. Was it a national revolution? Relations between Serbs and Turks soon turned bad.

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Bosniak residents began to die of starvation. In his maneuvering over constitutional issues and his search for allies, one finds the beginnings of national politics, however corrupt or limited.

During the Austro-Turkish war ofsome Serbs served as soldiers and officers in Habsburg armies. After a brief career as a monk he traveled to Western Europe.

The restoration began well enough. There was also a revival of that key national institution, the Serbian Orthodox Church.

What were these changes? Most Serbs at this time wanted to restore the peaceful conditions in place when Hadji Mustapha had been governor.

Naturally Milos had enemies: rival knezes, merchants who objected to monopolies and customs duties, or civil servants who wanted appointments for life. The second phase of the war ended with a harsh lesson for the Serbs about Great Power sebia.

Gen Sdrbia walked triumphantly through the town with other generals. Fourth phase of the revolt The fourth phase sometimes called the Second Revolution took place in after an intermezzo of restored Ottoman rule.

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All images copyrighted. One can read in the transition from the Obrenovic to the Karageorgevic dynasty zerbia measure of national maturity. The border meant a revival of trading opportunities in Hungary.

When fighting d at Easter inMilos became supreme leader of the new revolt. The Serbs failed to win for two reasons. The zadruga was flexibe enough to withstand the stresses of Kan life: some members of the family could leave home for long periods to tend flocks in far-off pastures, make trading trips or go into the mountains as hajduks, adventurers who sometimes acted as bandits and sometimes as anti-Ottoman guerillas.

Second phase of the revolt The second phase of the revolt, from tosaw the rebels' goals expand.

In many respects Milos was simply a Christian pasha. Robbery and murder became common. Soon afterwards Bosnian Serb forces - supported by the Serbian government - attacked the newly formed country. When Napoleon invaded Rusian in the Russians abandoned the Serbs again. The entire government reed in the wake of the report.

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While some leaders were exposed to Western European ideas, there was no completed model of a small Balkan nation-state for them to imitate. After he was able to train soldiers openly. InKarageorge used a vote of the national skupstina to get his way.

He pocketed portions of the state tax revenues. Shocked that his people had no modern secular literature, he assembled grammars and dictionaries to create a modern Serbian language, wrote some books himself and translated others. Was this a "national revolution? At the same time, Habsburg promotion of fr German and Catholic again made Serbs aware of their separate identity.

Some "hajduks" put this knowledge to work even before the revolt. The Turks offered an amnesty in and reappointed returning Serb leaders as knezes. The population of the pashalik was loo,ingWhen Milan died, he was succeeded by his year old brother Michael.

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The four most powerful janissary chiefs known as "dahis" tly ruled the country. His announced goal was not independence but an end to abusive misrule. A military stalemate then ensued. Illegal chiftliks were growing and foe found themselves forced to pay double taxes, once to local toughs with illegal control of the land and again to absentee legal landholders. To serbla the villages, the Turks permitted the election of headmen knezes and advisory assemblies skupstinas.