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One estimate is that out of 40, to 60, monks only to 1, survived to carry on their religion.

They prohibited travel without a pass from village to village. And that something like 35, people escaped communist countries as refugees, was vor unequaled vote against communist, utopian pretensions.

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They suffered from hunger, disease, and attacks by armed gangs of Tutsi. Nonetheless, Pol Pot and his henchmen managed to hold the initiative, establish control throughout the country, and create the surprising uniformity in most regions shown wv in Table 6. As wholesale murderers, the Khmer Rouge is in a class with the Rwandan Hutu government. A prudent estimate is 1, Chinese, though the toll may have reached even 10, or more.

Being members of a democracy themselves, colonial authorities wanted to give more power to the Hutu majority and prepare free elections and a democratic government. Half a dozen children between eight and ten years old held sseking loose end of the rope, pulling it sharply three or four times, dropping it in between.

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Germany first took Rwanda in the 19th Century, and then after the defeat of Germany in World War I the victors turned Rwanda over to Belgium as a protectorate. From Table 9.

Even though the Soviet Government had decreed that it was not an offense to have served in Kolchak's Army, since its personnel had been forcibly conscripted, it was more than M--'s life was worth not to fulfill his quota. And, as I have showed, freedom is already a moral good for promoting human welfare and minimizing xaturday political violence.

These troops backed the Tutsi FPR, helped defeat the Hutu conspirators, and caused their government to foor.

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But Moscow's requirements were implacable; he was driven to desperate measures. As UN troops retreated from one base after another, waiting Hutu militia set upon and massacred the Tutsi families that had huddled under the Seekking flag for protection. In any case, to use his medical skills to save her would in effect tell the cadre that he was a doctor, and would result in his death, and possibly that of his wife and newborn.

If people refused to go, they were taken out at night. After Shan successfully rid the institute of these "spies," the Party promoted him to a provincial Party committee.

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He was by nature a decent, honest, kindly man. That day everyone yimes asked to stay at home except those working in the hospital. We will help you do that as long as you are able to listen saturdzy learn. One is the Rwanda's Great Genocide ofwhich involved the plotted murder in four months of over , perhaps , even possibly as many as 1,, Tutsi and Hutu, at least 14 percent of the population.

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His new power was not secure either, but he did defeat a coup against him inand remained in power until the beginning of the Great Genocide. Coffee prices dropped so low that the government destroyed coffee trees and replaced them with other crops. This is why I write that Pol Pot cor commanded. The Khmer Rouge example gives you insight into why communists believed it necessary and moral to massacre so many of their fellow humans.

As they walked among the trees, waiting soldiers ambushed and machine-gunned them all down. That such orders would be given is incredible enough, and tlmes the local official would obey them is also unbelievable.

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The Hutu massacred about 10, Tutsi and the next year forcedtoto flee the country with their king. There were 35 doctors at the hospital of which four were Tutsi. But they were soon defeated, and only succeeded in provoking another Hutu massacre of Tutsi who had remained in the country. The most murderous of these have also, like the Khmer Rouge, been communist governments, as shown in Table 6.

What connects all these cases of democide is this: as a government's power is more unrestrained, as its power reaches into all the corners of culture and society, the more likely it is to kill its own citizens. Inthe Burundi government responded to a Hutu uprising by massacring aboutHutu, and after another Hutu uprising inthe Tutsi massacred as many asHutu.

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Democratic governments do not seek to arouse public opinion against other countries that will destabilize diplomatic arrangements and create pressure for hostile action. He told me the story with savage resentment. And so they did.

In people killed within such a short amount of time, it is one of the twentieth century's worst acts of democide. Overall, the Khmer Rouge annihilated nearly half--about ,of all the Cambodian Cham. During the s, Stalin ordered a of purges against pd enemies of the people.