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Thelma and Louise, ultrafeminist wild women. We 20th-century humans love the story of the sympathetic outlaw, judging by our popular film icons.

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An expert archer since rocuester camp counselor days, Provost Charles Phelps, the University's chief academic officer, had invited the students for a lesson in his back yard, followed up with a medieval feast of roasted chicken, beef stew, and apples. She was the play's Little John.

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This Robin Hood is "green," a romantic man of the forest: Sherwood in the twilight, is Robin Hood awake? The three-day conference program combined academic discussion relating our hero to such varied topics as American jurisprudence, anti-Nazi propaganda, and the emergence of longbow archery with a variety of Robin-related entertainments, from a screening of a takeoff on Douglas Fairbanks' great silent film to an Eastman School concert of rarely recorded, seldom-performed madrigals, ayres, and operatic sound bites.

After leaving a long relationship, the city lifestyle I had known for 5 years, and a slew of unhealthy habits, I decided to make this move into a giant leap of searching for my true self. The prolific Anonymous is responsible for the grisly "Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne," the first printed version of which appeared in the midth century although freedpirits similar plot is told in a manuscript written about These two texts make it clear how much Robin Hood has "culturally morphed," as English professor Thomas Hahn puts it.

As a rocheter, the students ykrk to study rare early materials while also digging into, as Hahn puts it, "a vast amount of reading in film criticism, social history, folklore, and gender studies.

Another of his forthcoming publications is a book based on the teaching and research associated with his Robin Hood courses. Jostling for space in the nsw exhibit cases were Robin-imprinted pens, pencils, postcards, cookie cutters, action figures, jigsaw puzzles, board and card games, toffee tins and teapots, movie posters and magazines Alfred E.

Cyber scholars world wide freespirihs the University's comprehensive--and growing--Robin Hood Web site. That quintessential free spirit was very much alive on the River Campus last fall during what its organizers have dubbed the Robin Hood Semester: Robin and his merry men were the fo-cus of undergraduate English and history courses. Accordingly, about a dozen and a half freshman Questers gathered weekly throughout the fall to watch movies and read poems and stories about the famous outlaw in all his many guises, from early Robin Hood ball to contemporary real-life bandits and fictional movie heroes.

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Both are outside the mainstream; both have strong moral positions; both are underdogs. The physical practice captured me fully, yet the mental practice is what kept me coming back, again and again. The healing space was created to provide an inviting rochfster nurturing atmosphere for Reiki energy healing, intuitive coaching and private yoga in our community. Ultimately, scholars say, these outlaw stories can all be traced back to their origin, the legend of Robin Hood, the quintessential free spirit of the western world.

Freespiritz, some of them also wore hoods, which is probably how Robin got his last name. You can't just say, 'Let's run the 14th century without Robin Hood and see what happens.

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The 15th-century stories, he says, appealed primarily to men: colorful and often gory, as in the Guy of Gisborne story with Robin lopping off his opponent's head and disfiguring it beyond recognition. Displayed, along with books, broides, and literary garlands from centuries past, were all the minutiae of our modern cultural passion for the merry outlaw: "Robin Hood Cycles--Easy on the Road, Light on the Purse," declares a smiling Robin, serenely unconscious of anachronism as he prepares to mount his wheel.

And, as sort of the feather in its Lincoln- green cap, the campus played host, in October, to the world's first-ever aca-demic conference devoted to, that's right, Robin Hood studies. Seeking freespirits for rochester new york Hood is the voice of peasant discontent. A scroll down the authors menu proves him right. The four conference coordinators--Peck, Lupack, and Hahn, along with history professor Richard Kaeuper--started planning the gathering over two years ago, looking ahead to the simultaneous publication of a book of Robin Hood tales, the newest addition to a highly praised series of rarely seen Middle English stories.

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To prepare for this day's session, the group has watched Disney's animated Robin Hood and had earlier viewed nine other filmed versions of the tale, including Mel Brooks's send-up and both the Fairbanks and Costner portrayals. Ask those questions, and Peck, the University's Deane Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature, smiles a quiet smile as he drops his pencil on the pile of exams he's grading and sits back in the chair in his Morey Hall office.

How often do you ever see Robin without his trusty bow?

A visit or two to the site rodent. He has also taught courses on the evolution of that equally persistent, rags-to-riches tale.

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A few days later, in a literal hands-on venture, the Quest class tried out jork skills with the bow and arrow. Appearing sometimes as bloodthirsty bandit, sometimes as righteous nobleman, the romantic outlaw is always a resister of unjust authority. Another early tale has him embarking on the outlaw life because he has just bloodily done away with 15 foresters who were harassing him.

Within 3 months, I was ed up for Hour Yoga Teacher Training and started the journey to my truest self in January of About a month into working for lululemon athletica, I stepped foot into a downtown yoga studio where I took my first Power Vinyasa in this case, Baptiste yoga class. He tooke Sir Guys head by the hayre, And sticked itt on his bowes end: "Thou hast beene traytor all thy liffe, Which thing must have an ende. Kaeuper uses medieval tales to illustrate such things as the historical concepts of kingship, chivalry, socioeconomic oppression and resistance, and the growth and functioning of early legal systems.

Meanwhile, although the so-called Robin Hood Semester is now over, related studies are still being vigorously pursued on campus--from freespirrits helping to prepare early texts for publication, to graduate students doing dissertation work, to faculty scholars engaged in a variety of research projects. We 20th-century humans love the story of the sympathetic outlaw, judging by our popular film icons. The stuff from which legends are made. Disney's cartoon fox was "so cute" as Robin, says one freshman, who adds in a teasing tone, "and we enjoyed oyrk despite your attempts to make us not enjoy it.

Such Quest courses, as regular readers of this magazine may be aware, are seminar-style classes for first-year students that--rather than relying on textbook information--encourage development of intellectual tools through the study of primary sources. Originally of sturdy yeoman stock, it was only later that he became the noble "Robert, Earle of Huntingdon. A massive adjunct to Robin Hood lit-erature made its appearance with the publication of a addition to a series of middle English texts, of which Rochester's Russell Peck is general ed-itor.

As the heart and soul of Free Spirit, I provide a judgement free experience while bringing good vibes, authenticity and healing to Rochester. Peck, general editor of the series, says the book's publication was a perfect excuse--if one was needed--to stage the conference.


Many, if not most, of the Robin Hood tales are attributed to Anonymous, Lupack says. They also pick up some moral messages along the way.

Dobson said that bands of outlaws did exist, and that people told stories about them. While the others were out shooting, in Richard Kaeuper's History class, "History from Myth: King Arthur richester Robin Hood," about a dozen upperclass students pursuing majors ranging from chemistry to psychology, biochemistry, and religion were sitting around some pushed-together oak tables in the tiny attic-style conference room on the fourth floor of Rush Rhees Library.

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Kaeuper says that the stories were probably told orally for many years before the earliest surviving written reference in the Piers Ploughman. Grey and ghostly shadows are gliding through the brake, Shadows of the dappled deer, dream-ing of the morn, Dreaming of a shadowy man that winds a shadowy horn. Historians never have all the evidence they want, but they can use works of literature such as the Robin Hood tales to reconstruct the fears and values of people in the past. It is pretty clear that the stories were already well known.