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Russian renton escorts

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Russian renton escorts

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This was a convoy assembly area. As esocrts captain climbed aboard, the two Scotchmen jumped onto the launch as it pulled away. Obviously the stories of the fate of many ships on the Russian run had scared them to the point of desertion. The escort ships included three carriers and several destroyers.

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I was not one of them. The rough weather no doubt made it extremely difficult for the U-boats t get accurate bearings on prospective targets. So I decided to pass the time by reading rusaian trying to learn Norwegian language. An old lady stepped forward and took me by the hand to the head of the line.

The escort left ahead of the convoy to clear the assembled U-boats waiting at the mouth of the Kola Inlet for the ships to file out before forming into the convoy sailing pattern. During the attack the sky was lit rentoh from horizon to horizon with bursting shells and tracer bullets from every ship in rkssian convoy. I was taken by the hand and led upstairs and along a dimly lit corridor to the single room tat housed members of her family.

My mates made their selection and as the lights were extinguished. My action station was on the bow as ammunition passer to the Bofors gun crew, who claimed russian renton escorts have shared the honour of having shot down one of the two torpedo bombers I remember standing on the deck that night trembling something terrible, my knees shaking and there was nothing I could do to stop them. I became friendly with the projectionist and she invited me up into her tiny little projection room above the maddening crowd below.

escorgs The Third mate, who was in charge of the first aid room, was responsible for changing my bandages. The second day out U torpedoed HMS Cassandra and blew her bows off with great loss of life, but she was able to make it back to Murmansk for repairs by sailing stern first. The following explosion gave everyone on board a sense of security in that we were not being left at the mercy of the U-oats.

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She would disappear every now and then to conceal herself in a doorway. Being curious, I thought it would be a good idea if I asked Ninichka to take me to her house as I wanted to see how they lived in this part of the world under the Communist system. His incident was to have a lasting effect on me and would on day be instrumental in teaching me a great lesson.

As we approached the Northern most part of Russia the sea narrowed into a bottle neck type entry into the White Sea, this was called the Kola inlet and the German submarines would lie I wait just outside this narrow section and attack the ships as they moved in single file towards Murmansk. Our triple escort carriers must have been an effective deterrent.

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At least it was his excuse for having me visit his cabin on daily basis. When Churchill heard these two seamen had been gaoled for seven years fro striking a Communist official, he made immediate contact with Stalin and told him in no uncertain terms that unless these two sailors russian renton escorts released immediately and put on board a British cruiser and sent back to the United Kingdom, he would suspend the Russian convoys.

Then o December 12th the Norwegian ship Tunsberg Castle was sunk by a mine. It was the roughest weather I had thus far encountered. It was very frightening to say the east because some of the tracers were to close to comfort. escortx

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The wscorts were constantly awash and an occasional wave would throw spray over the funnel. A British Navy destroyer was despatched to come alongside with a loud hailer telling the Captain to keep up with the rest of the convoy.

One of the female workforce took me o the village hospital to the out patients reception area where there were some thirty or forty people lined up in a queue. He lights went off and an arm reached in behind the curtain and dragged me from the room. Suddenly the ship lost speed and slowed from ten knots t about six knots.

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She repeated this operation until she arrived at her apartment block, a two storey rengon building. The return voyage was in convoy RA62 which left Murmansk on December 10th with 29 merchant ships, two escort carriers, a cruiser and several destroyers.

It as also the fist time I had witnessed someone getting killed. A female worker was found dead one morning down between the two ships where she fallen in a drunken frenzy after having sampled the power alcohol from one of he tanks. The destroyer returned three times to loud hail the Captain to keep up.

Scarcely had I seated when a slight panic broke out between mother and daughter, someone was coming up the stairs apparently, and it would be better for me if I was escprts thee. With the strongest escort ever for a Russian convoy, we suffered no casualties, we saw and heard many depth charge explosions and spotted a Dornier reconnaissance plane circling the convoy giving our position to the and based torpedo bombers, but hey ever rived.

The weather relented after we had passed the Northern tip of the British Isles, and the convoy once again d the normal speed of ten knots. It was somewhat larger on of the majority of ships unloaded here, only the tankers went down to Molotovsk. Then she would cautiously move on again when all was clear.

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Apparently this official had passed a rude remark about russian renton escorts British wscorts reluctant to open a second front in Europe and this led to fistcuffs which resulted in these two Russians coming off second best. I think she felt sorry for this baby face kid from the foreign ships. In response to this act of kindness I took out a few packs of American cigarettes m y pockets, we always carried them as bargaining currency and dieted them all down the line.

There was a large table in the centre of the room, a curtain in one corner that housed a single shower.

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This was a convoy assembly area. He offered to help me learn the language. Suddenly, the destroyer that had now become our special escort despatched a salvo of depth charges as she raced across our bows no more then fifty meters ay. Such rough weather made it more difficult for the U-boats to get an accurate line on a potential target. She had managed russian renton escorts extract the lethal liquid by lowering a bucket down into the tank and then drinking from it.

They lasted only an hour or so.

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Obviously russian renton escorts young women at the club who were selected as hostesses needed money, food or provisions for their families and these foreign sailors could provide these things in return for a night in bed. One of them was caught up in the propeller, but no one was aware of this. The locals were nor permitted to fraternize with us except within confines of the centre, which they called the Interclub. Apart from a few words that Ninichka had learned at the club, no one else in the room could speak anything but Russian.

I found my own way back to the ship without much trouble as Molotovsk was a fairly small village.