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Nikki starr escort

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When she is caught in a web of lies, she is given a choice to either abide by the rules or leave.

This was a compilation of short stories. A woman's work is never done A woman's work is never done My favorite one was Dying to be a Star by Keisha Star satrr was also the first story in the book. Revenge is a heck of a taste, but love in unbreakable.

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Melissa realizes that not everyone has her best interest at heart. No real surprises her, but it made for an interesting read. Who run the World?

Thats how good and memorable it was. Her best friend Rachida wants to avenge her late mentor's death.

I thought this was actually a decent anthology and all the stories were pretty good even though I would have to rate the majority of them a 3 individually. It was great and sent out a very powerful message,even while reading the other stories in the book my mind kept going back to that one. Prime Clerk Thank you for visiting Prime Clerk.

Southern Girls Escrt Service by Lakesa Cox had me on the edge of my seat and Nijki enjoyed that one and would rate it a 3. These four thrilling street-lit tales star strong females whose value system seems to differ from the acceptable norm yet actually contain the same traits like loyalty to loved ones with an understanding that A Woman's Work is never done protecting those they cherish from nikki starr escort street enemies.

Harriet Klausner Who run the World? In the end, she is realizes the harshness of going through some things to get what you want. No one had ever seen the boss, and Abie devises a plan to get what she feels is entitled to her.

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Melissa is used, abused, and mistreated and soon becomes known in the industry as a washed up groupie. G Stacks by Monique Hall was just average to me and I would rate those two a 3. Nikki Turner Presents Street Chronicles: A Woman's Work is a comprised of four different authors with short stories that cover the topic of drugs, jail, escort service, and many others. In the end, it is one friends determination to find out to avenge the death of her bff that saves the day It details the story of a young women, raised by her grandparents who wants nothing more than to become a star.

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Everything Nikki Touches turn to gold! G- Stacks by Monique S hall- This was my least favorite, because it was the typical ride or die chick that will do anything for her hood dude, once he is locked up.

Melissa hits rock bottom and given a death sentence that will have lasting effects on her life forever. Will Melissa change her life and decide to make the right choices instead of the wrong ones, or is Melissa just a lost cause?

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Two girls, who bond over their struggles only to be seperated by greed. Read other reviews that mention. The mysterious madam only communicated with the girls via telephone. I was very excited to be reading this collaboration of short stories.

Street Chronicles: A Woman's Work is a must read novel, hands down. Melissa chooses to leave and reality begins to set up.

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Pastor Earl James nikmi his wife Sister Patricia run a strict Christian home that stifles their teenage daughter Melissa. C-Lock to set in motion an eye for an eye.

If she didn't comply with Abie's demand, then her real identity would be revealed. She works Morgan like a virtuoso and she and her friend Jetta uncover a betrayal inside the gang. Hall books in the future.

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When you break the rules, what consequence should you pay? The stars are surprisingly developed considering the novella format as they kick butt in a quartet of super street survival stories.

Her daughter Aisha wants revenge so her adopted sister Kayla arranges for her boyfriend, C-Lock to set in motion an eye for esfort eye. When they catch her in a lie, they kick their daughter out of their Pennsylvania home.

Melissa continuously refused to follow rules in her parent's house. I was very impressed at how even though the stories were short, they packed a punched.

If I had to choose a favorite reading in this book, it would be LaKesa Cox's story titled "Southern Girls' Escort Service about a call girl named Abie who staarr to blackmail the madam. Will Abie's plan for extortion backfire and leave her regretting her choice?

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I will pick two of my favorite short stories and give a review on them overall. With big plans, Abie and her boyfriend Scoot plan to extort money from the Madam. She goes through several changes during the process.