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That high-water mark came weeks after the state surpassed 5 million votes, another record, in the Nov. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, was denied a confirmation hearing for a seat on the Supreme Court in by a Republican-led Senate. Capitol on Wednesday, putting it on lockdown, as Vice President Mike Pence rebuffed the president's demand to overturn his loss to Democrat Joe Biden and the Senate's Republican leader denounced a bid in Congress to undo the election outcome. Trump supporters overturned barricades and clashed with police on the U.

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For another, Trump's claims of fraud have proved baseless, universally rejected by Republican and Democratic state election authorities, judges across the ideological spectrum and even by his own attorney general.

Reuters Democratic push for Black voters in Georgia pays off with historic U. Senate seat in Georgia.

Senate win Three days before Tuesday's all-important Georgia runoffs for the U. That high-water mark came weeks after the state surpassed 5 million votes, another record, in the Nov.

Unable to choose between the competing electors, lawmakers punted by forming a member commission with five members from the House, five from the Senate and five Supreme Court justices. Tilden, the Democrat, was a lawyer and crusading reformer in New York who helped bring down Tammany Hall's Boss Tweed and parlayed that into the governorship.

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Allies of Trump, led by Sen. Whether he can do that is up for debate. C The New York Times Company Yahoo News The presidential election will likely reach a decisive conclusion this week as the new Congress begins counting the Electoral College votes on Wednesday, a process that experts epire could potentially last days. This article originally appeared in The New York Times. No state has done that this time and every state has certified itsresulting in a decisive victory for Biden with electoral votes to for Trump.

On Nov.

American frontier

The contest pitted two northern governors whose fate would be decided by Southern states. Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. He fought at Antietam and was wounded quinct times over the course of the conflict. Like now, Democrats controlled the House and Republicans the Senate.

But with the risk of another civil war, the real decision was made separately between party power brokers. Warnock will become the first Black senator in Georgia history.

Get our top stories in your inbox every day. On Wednesday, they will be tested as never before. Then as now, the election dispute had its iland in a major cleavage in American society.

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Fewer still can name his Democratic opponent, Samuel Tilden, who lost the White House despite garnering more votes. Hayes trailed with In all three states, Republican-led "returning boards" examined the votes and allegations of fraud to Hayes' benefit.

Twenty-four years later, Adams' son, John Quincy Adams, came out on top when another election went to the House even though he had fewer popular votes than Andrew Jackson, his main opponent. At a t session, Congress declared Hayes the winner at a.

at The Daily Beast. The election was replete with intimidation, fraud and efforts to suppress the Black vote. Victory in the twin races would give the Democrats control of Congress and with it the power to advance or block Democratic President-elect Joe Biden's ability to govern.

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The surprise choice of Garland reflects what the Biden team believes a post-Trump America needs at the Justice Department: a consensus-minded institutionalist, to reverse the damage done to the department by Trump loyalist Bill Barr. The former deputy attorney general Sally Yates, who briefly led the department while Comey led the FBI and was also fired by Trump, has been among reported frontrunners, as has the former Alabama senator Doug Jones.

Empirre Cruz, R-Texas, have latched onto the resolution of the dispute as a model, proposing that Congress once again create a member commission to decide the validity of various states' electors.

Unlike now, Republicans argued that Congress only had the limited power to ensure the procedural validity of the electors, not to go beyond that and determine whether there was fraud. Raphael Warnock, a Democrat, defeated Sen.

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Bradley accepted the view that external evidence could not be considered and so awarded the electors to Hayes. Inno candidate received inlan majority of the Electoral College, so under the Constitution the decision was thrown to the House, which rewarded the presidency to Thomas Jefferson over John Adams, who accepted the decision without trying to hang onto power. When the Electoral College met in state capitals on Dec.

For one, the candidate claiming to be aggrieved this time, Trump, is the incumbent president with the power of ekpire federal government at his disposal. On the other side, the state-owned railroad fired employees who attended Democratic rallies. Today, there's a lot of talk from Trump and others about fraud, but you don't have two reports of electoral votes each claiming to be official from the states.