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Introduction Cambodia is a country which has only very recently emerged from a long period of armed conflict and civil unrest which has caused the population to suffer tremendously.

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During the Khmer Rouge time people were living in unwalled prisons. It indicates why the trafficking in human beings is so enticing and profitable, but it also shows the terrible tragedy it causes to women and children.

Introduction Cambodia is a country which has only very recently emerged from a long period of armed conflict and civil unrest which has caused the population to suffer tremendously. The trafficking is organized by fishermen, traders, soldiers, and corrupted authorities.

Trafficking Crossing Points There are various connections where the recruitment for trafficking and cross border migration can take place. Virtually anyone involved in helping exploited women children would say the same thing: The authorities cannot help stop the trade because they prostjtutes involved. In it was estimated that 35 per cent of all prostitutes were held against their will. The report stated that most trafficked children and women come from very poor families headed by single women In Cambodia 50 per cent of women are heading a single family with many children.

By river, the transportation is usually by cargo boat where the women and children being trafficked usually kept at the bottom of the boat and hidden by cargo. The report also provided some very alarming statistics with canbodian sources cwmbodian the s and distributions of prostitutes in Cambodia. Migration, trafficking, and prostitution were completely prohibited as a result of movement restrictions, oppressive social cambodian prostitutes, and the collective economy.

Between andthe nation was controlled by a military government that caused much suffering to the people in the rural areas, which increased the flow of migrants to the urban areas.

Prior tothe trafficking in children and their exploitation was not practiced as today. Transportation is by air, over land, or by river.


But, the report stated that there is another, uglier reason for the flourishing sex trade. By the end ofthe estimated of sex workers in Phnom Penh cambodian prostitutes was more than 20, In Januarythe National Assembly adopted a new labor code that set the minimum age of employment at 15 those under 18 need parental approvalhowever those between 12 and 15 years of age can be engaged in light work provided that it is not hazardous to their health and psychological development and the work will not affect their education.

It explained that the trafficking of women and children for sexual exploitation purpose from one area to another is undertaken by different means.

See details. Last updated: 07 June Historical Perspective of the Problem The history of Cambodia, most of all, has been one of many wars one after another, but trafficking of human beings is a new problem to Cambodia.

The trafficking is pfostitutes by several means based on the availability of agents or recruiters. In Cambodia many girls fall prey to the practice cambodian prostitutes rural families-lured by the modest sum paid to them by brokers-allow their children to be taken to the city or other countries to work in jobs described pprostitutes be honest and well paid. This information is shared with social media, sponsorship, analytics, and other vendors or service providers.

And there is increasing evidence that they are involved in buying and selling kidnapped girls, or at least willing to turn a blind eye. Some police-not all, but some-are involved with the traffickers.

And people who work to help those trapped in the sex trade all say they have too much to cambpdian to go on the record with precise accusations. Most per cent were Vietnamese girls according to the observation of the research team.

Global alliance against traffic in women

After the fall of the Khmer Rouge in and the re-establishment of relationships with neighboring countries, the trafficking and exploitation of non-Cambodian children began and increased. During this time trafficking and prostitution were practiced.

Many come to the trade after being raped, and some enter the trade to help their family financially or to run away from physical abuse at home. The employment and better income opportunities include low skill laborers, manual work in fishing, construction, plantation, and domestic work.

The cambodian prostitutes approaches and promises to support or give a loan to the family and in return one of the family members will be brought elsewhere. The consequences for children forced to work as prostitutes are far-reaching and can be fatal. In Cambodia ed the UN Convention on the rights of the child reflecting the increased concern of the government in child welfare issues. Agree and Continue.

About per cent of the prostitutes were Cambodian while per cent were from Vietnam, China, or other countries. The demand cambodian prostitutes Cambodian workers in Thailand is high because they work hard for low wages with little complaints and few problems of labor control as they are afraid of being arrested by prostitutrs of illegal immigration.

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They are also subject to serious psychological, mental, and developmental problems due to the conditions they are forced to live and work under. When trying to fathom how a society can tolerate the buying and selling of its most cambodian prostitutes members, it is easy to point to economic and social factors that deny girls the education and job opportunities that could help them avoid prostitution.

Presently in Cambodia the majority of people, especially women and children, are vulnerable to exploitation due to extremely difficult lives caused by poverty-related problems like low income, malnutrition, poor health, illiteracy, and poor skills.