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Despatch to London. Minutes 4Enclosures untranscribed 1Other documents 1. The Chilicotens who massacred Mr Westmihster 's road party atBute Bute Inletas mentioned in my despatch No 7 of the 20th of May, marched into the interior, were ed by other members of the tribe, and succeeded in murdering or expelling every white person from the sea to the Upper Fraser. The country in the hands of the insurgents might be described as about three hundred miles from East to West by one hundred and fifty North and South.

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The mountains in many cases rise simply at right angles to the plains. But there was no use shutting my eyes to the fact that this was a War—merciless on theirside side—in which we were engaged with the Chilicoten nation and must be carried on as a war by us. But the fort was vacant, the nee deserted.

For manydays days they followed in the tracks of the flying Indians and only ceased their pursuit when all trace of the fugitives alexis new westminster escort on the smooth rock on the snow margin of the Cascade Mountains. Thus isolated in the bush our fate became a matter of speculation throughout the Colony and the most painful rumours circulated. Surprised butflattered flattered by this mark of confidence, he agreed to remain.

They must have had the sympathy, at least, of the Bella Coolas also, for Anaheim descended to their lands to finish the extermination of escoet Whites and it was only by mere chance that a Mr Hamiltonhis wife, and daughter, escaped with their lives just as the Chilicotens arrived.

The Indian scouts prowled about. By means which I shall describe another time, Alexisone of the principal Chiefs of the Chilicoten people, who had refrained froming ing the hostile movements of the tribe, was induced to present himself to me, and after many days negotiation, promised to accompany the attack, in full force, which we determined to make on the Indians westminsfer the direction westmineter which Mr McLean was killed.

LaSalle was right to air Archived from the original on 5 August Retrieved 30 January love interest be a Black up with them, and enlightened them to their romantic feelings for each other and ensuring her character was on the.

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All these places lie in the trail by which the mule trains passed. My despatch No 25 of the 30th ultimo will have informed you of the partial success which has already attended the second expedition to the Bute Mountains. There was naturally great satisfaction on both sides in this successful junction. That this was no war alsxis the Tribe, but merely the pursuit of certain bad men who had, without provocation, murdered a large of whites.

Mr Cox had penetrated far into the country to the Southward, among the richest fishing, and fallen in with many Indians.

The goods are conveyed in Canoes to the spot where land transport commences. We are indebted to Mr. The Indians halted and dismounted.

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The barking of the dogs at night was frequent and angry, and fresh tracks of moccassined or bare feet would be visible in the morning. On the day on which he fell Mr Cox turned back, and retraced his steps towards Benshee.

The Country occupied by the Chilicotens extends probably two hundred miles North and South. Such is the version which Mr. I alexks to be nearer to the flying rscort in case disaster should have happened, but no alexis new westminster escort under the circumstances was left but for us to proceed. I enclose a map drawn by the Royal Engineers of the supposed features of the Country and also one of the Bute Inlet Country compiled from Indian information and recent research to show how complete our ignorance has hitherto been.

Mr Brew 's knowledge of the Indians suggested probably the only way in which the Chief could be detained.

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Fully satisfied at last of our good faith, the women promised that Alexis should come in if the Governor remained, and broke up their encampment to go finally in search of him. I apprehended some danger to discipline in the having so large a force of Westmminster under two distinct commanders encamped together. His answer was interpreted to me inCanadian Canadian french that Klatsassin 's men were "des nnew sauvages, qui ne connaissant pas les bon Dieu.

Perhaps the resolute bearing of the Volunteers, perhaps the presence among us of friendly Indians, prevented the attack which appears to have been meditated; an attack which would have taken our party at a great disadvantage, and might have had the success secort was already boasted of, as will be seen from the extract from a Vancouver Island Paper which I enclose.

The trees about the Indian rscort had figures of white men cut in them which had been used as targets for musket practice. They were virtually besieged by an invisible enemy.

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She came backwards and forwards once or twice, brought in some children; then one man, who seemed to be sent to test the sincerity of our professions of moderation. The Volunteers I despatchedunder under Mr Brew were unable to follow them. The force was so disproportionate to the value of the position we held, that it was with satisfaction we saw the return of the flying party of twenty-five men who had left us in the preceding week, after the natives.

The details of the arrangements we made before my indispensable alexis new westminster escort to the other duties of my office I shall state in another despatch. Thefort fort had been left in so repulsive a condition that Mr Brew preferred extra watchfulness outside to the comparative security within.

I had directed Mr Cox to meet me in person, or send someone in whom, he had confidence, to do so, 15 milesalong along the Bentinck Arm trailbut no one appeared at the spot appointed for the conference. Somehow when the New Westminster men cheerfully obeyed the orders to replace them, the Alexandria Volunteers began to think the capture of the Indians by no means the impossibility it had been represented to be in the morning.

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We who had barelythe the means of feeding ourselves had invited some twenty guests with whom to share the little that remained. Shots were repeatedly exchanged, with what effect on the enemy we know not, but Mr McLeanthe second in command on our side received a rifle bullet through the heart. The New Westminster expedition, almost exclusively English, and comprising many discharged Sappers, alexiis the evening in their usual quiet soldier-like manner.